Staging and Decoration



When you want to sell your home, by staging it you will add more value to it by decorating it to every ones taste.

"Not only your home will get sold faster, also you will end up getting more money for it since you are not only implementing you life style in your house, but you are making every buyer to feel like home when they walk in, buying is all about the first impression.".

She added: "When you walk in to a house you can imagine yourself living there only in the first  one minute, so you want to make sure by staging it you will create that atmosphere."

This service is including D-Cluttering and cleaning the existing space first then re-arranging the furniture or add new furniture to emphasize the positive points and aspects of the property. This service mostly needed when you are  ready to put your property for sale.

Decoration and remodeling

If you are tired of the way or how your home looks, it is easy just with moving furniture around and add some new colors and accessories you can change the look and feel of your home just in few days.

Decorating is creating different moods like earthy, relaxing, funky and etc.

You can create any of these by choosing a classic, contemporary, Modern or traditional styles.

Afterwards you feel like you just bought a new house, decoration can be also inexpensive and necessarily doesn’t have to be with buying the whole brand new line of furniture.

A home stager is much like art – not one suits all.  So each time you work with a stager, you probably need to see if the home stagers build model works in line with your business model.  Does the stager have a keen eye for design? Does the stager understand time sensitivity in real estate and keeping costs low?  Does the stager have the business savvy to meet your needs and impress your clients?