New Rules for Representatives

For many years, lawyers in Ontario have had to be members of the Law Society of Upper Canada if they wanted to be able to represent parties before Ontario’s Courts.

As of May 1, 2008, the Law Society of Upper Canada has put in place rules that affect most other types of representatives who are hired and paid to represent parties in applications at Ontario’s Courts, Tribunals and Boards – including representatives of landlords and tenants who are involved in a Landlord and Tenant Board application.

For more information on these rules and how they might affect you, click on this link (link to brochure), or you can obtain a copy of the Board’s brochure “Rules for Representatives Involved in Board Applications” at a Board Office or from a ServiceOntario location that distributes Board forms and information brochures.

This guide explains the basic steps in making an application to the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal. The
application might deal with: