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Ten York Condo by Tridel
Ten York Condo Toronto Tridel

Life. Between the lake and the stars. Rise above it all in the most prominent location in the city.

Chic, timeless, sophisticated. TEN YORK is a glass vision in the sky designed by award-winning architect Rudy Wallman of Wallman Architects, creators of some of the most striking urban designs in the city. Signature designer suites by the ultra stylish design firm II BY IV Design Associates captivate with their imagination, elegance and timeless designs. The finest of features and finishes in the spacious suites will appeal to even the most discerning owners. An abundance of luxurious amenities make TEN YORK a charmed world unto itself. Prominently at the entrance to the city overlooking Lake Ontario. Key attractions are mere steps away – the Air Canada Centre, Maple Leaf Square, Rogers Centre and Harbourfront, with direct highway access to all parts of the city.

Aristo Condo by Tridel

Aristo Condo at Yonge and Sheppard

Aristo Condo is a fusion of sleek design and modern day must-haves. Here, a statement making lifestyle awaits at Yonge & Hwy 401 - from the hpnotic gaim lobby, the NY vibe Party Lounge to the sumptuous Health & Fitness Centre. Aristo isn't just an address. It's a destination. A visionary new Tridel community located at Yonge St between Highway 401 and Sheppard Avenue that will make a signature statement on the North York skyline. Come home to a Tower Suite, Garden Villa, Penthouse or Grand Penthouse in a Tridel Built Green, Built for Life® community

Re/Max Top 100 - Canada 2010
Standings for January through March 2010, based on residential commissions paid. Rankings are compiled from figures submitted by regional offices.
1. Zia Abbas, RE/MAX Vision Realty Inc, Toronto, ON
2. Kevin Moist, RE/MAX Performance Realty, Winnipeg, MB
3. Victor Kwan, RE/MAX Select Properties, Vancouver, BC
4. Sam Corea, RE/MAX House of Real Estate, Calgary, AB
5. Barry Cohen, RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc, Toronto, ON
6. Joanne Gebauer, RE/MAX Executives Realty, Winnipeg, MB
7. Carl Chu, RE/MAX Westcoast, Richmond, BC
8. Vesna Kolenc, RE/MAX Excellence Realty Inc, Woodbridge, ON
9. Frank Leo, RE/MAX West Realty Inc, Toronto, ON
10. Robert F. McLeod, RE/MAX Real Estate (Edmonton), Edmonton, AB
11. Todd L. Sykes, RE/MAX Performance Realty, Winnipeg, MB
12. Sam McCall, RE/MAX Masters Realty, West Vancouver, BC
13. Peter WK Kwan, RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc, Markham, ON
14. Austin Kay, RE/MAX Westcoast, Richmond, BC
15. Drago Saric, RE/MAX Del Mar Realty Inc, Stoney Creek, ON
16. Anita M. Chan, RE/MAX Westcoast, Richmond, BC
17. Pawanjit Malhi, RE/MAX Realty Services Inc, Brampton, ON
18. Toni Nicholson, RE/MAX Professionals, Winnipeg, MB
19. David G. Richardson, RE/MAX Select Properties, Vancouver, BC
20. Timothy John Dillon, RE/MAX Sarnia Realty Inc, Sarnia, ON
21. Audrey Azad, RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd, Toronto, ON
22. Peter Hogeterp, RE/MAX Del Mar Realty Inc, Stoney Creek, ON
23. Omid Valinasab, RE/MAX Crossroads Realty Inc, Toronto, ON
24. Jessica H. Chan, RE/MAX Real Estate (Mountain View), Calgary, AB
25. Ron F. Carroll, RE/MAX Unique Inc, Toronto, ON
Source: Toronto New Condo Blog
Suggested April Home Maintenance Things To Doo
Selling your Home, where to Begin Some Suggested April Home Maintenance Items
1 .Mark and monitor small/hairline cracks in foundation. If stable after a few months fill with epoxy. If they've expanded beyond one half inch, call a structural engineer.
2. Inspect basement/crawl spaces for seepage/leakage.
3. Inspect roof for any missing, loose or damaged shingles.
4. Check and clean AC/furnace systems. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations
5. Clean and/or replace the AC/furnace filters. Adjust thermostats for season change.
6. Check and clean gutters, downspouts and extensions and repair/replace as needed
7. Do a safety check: smoke detectors, fire escape routes, fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide alarms and window locks.
8. If you have a fireplace check flue to make sure it is closed for warmer weather.
9. Scrape, caulk and paint any wood surfaces that have peeled or weathered. 10. Clean and inspect your lawn mower and other power tools and equipment.
Preventative Home Maintenance
Selling your Home, where to Begin Tips,  Most of us have learned the hard way that a home will not maintain itself and we ought to budget for routine maintenance and repair for the house and yard. Large, irregular expenses will occur as our homes age. Large expenses such as interior and exterior painting, repairs or replacement of the heating and air conditioning units and appliances, floor coverings and roof surfaces. Most experts recommend setting aside 1-3 percent of the market value of your home each year to pay for maintenance and repair costs. Even though all of these funds may not be needed if your home is new, the accumulated amounts will help you prevent a budget crisis when it is time for large future expenses such as re-roofing or replacing a heating unit. Preventative home maintenance helps provide a healthy, safe environment and it protects your growing investment. Have a qualified home inspector inspect at least every ten years.
Selling Your Home: Where To Begin?
Selling your Home, where to Begin Selling your home can be a lengthy and emotional process. If you're buying a new home at the same time, you can easily feel overwhelmed. Trying to do two things at once is never easy. Here are some tips to help you keep things in balance.
Bank of Canada meeting's Announcement Summary - July 2009
New Housing Drop and Rebound There was NO CHANGE to rates at today's Bank of Canada meeting, just as most economist expected. (Bank prime rate is 2.25%) FACTS: Banks last raised mortgage rates on June 9. Today, Canada’s 5-year bond yield closed near a 3-week low, settling at 2.43%. That’s down from its June 10 high of 2.81%. MARKET REACTION: Lately, we’ve seen a few non-bank lenders drop 5-year rates by 0.10%, but the Big 5 banks have not lowered advertised rates at all. WHY? Banks "want to be convinced that it is not a flash in the pan and that any retreat in yields is sustained." THAT MEANS: “we are probably not too far away from that point. It might take a little more of a deeper rally (in bond prices) to make it completely convincing." The Bank’s next interest rate announcement is September 10.
6 Tips to become mortgage free
Are you feeling weighed down by the years remaining on your mortgage? Worried about when you should lock in your variable rate, or unsure of refinancing with rates on the rise? Getting a good interest rate is crucial, but there's a lot more you can do to ensure that you are mortgage free sooner.